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Our Flowers

We work with the most exceptional farmers in the world, and share the same values that ensure the growers we work with are transparent in their process and align with our sustainable and ethical values. Not only have we developed a close relationship with our partners, but we are proudly one of the select few that they choose to work with. This means the long lasting flowers in our sculptures are the best of what Central America has to offer, and are of exquisite quality that can only be obtained when attention to detail is at its finest.

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Preservation & Coloring

Our flowers are picked at their perfect state, when their food reserve is at its greatest. This ensures that the flower maintains its quality throughout the preservation process. The roses then undergo a proprietary and delicate dehydration and rehydration process that allows for the uptake of natural oils and the infusion of color and fragrance back into the flower. This is how our flowers can last up to a year and maintain their delicate beauty that take them to the next level.

The Gift of Endless Beauty

Our flowers are shipped in a beautifully crafted box that securely fits the sculptures. The perfect gifting experience to show your love and appreciation.


After experimenting with different elements and concentrations over many months, we created the Kanizsa signature scent. A carefully concocted mixture of jasmine, may rose petals, neroli, amber, and leather, our very first scent has become an instant favorite, which creates a sensory experience that exceeds that of other florals.

Captivating at Every Angle

Our free-standing sculptures are beautiful at every angle and are sure to captivate with at least 40 roses. Place them as a center piece, art display or accompaniment to your decor, and let our floral art fill your space with a magical scent. 

"Flowers are the music of the ground. From Earth’s lips spoken without sound."

Edwin Curran

Care Instructions

To keep your Kanizsa sculpture looking its best:

  • Avoid extreme temperatures
  • Avoid placing it in direct sunlight
  • Avoid placing it in a moist and humid environment
  • Avoid handling the flowers directly
  • Do not water the Kanizsa sculpture
  • Do not place the Kanizsa sculpture where the flowers are directly touching any fabrics or textiles
  • Do not aggressively handle the Kanizsa sculpture
  • Gently dust the Kanizsa sculpture as needed

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