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Transcend the Ordinary

An elevated gift-giving experience:


Timeless Floral Sculptures

Transform your space with everlasting florals that last a year:

Our Flowers

The Kanizsa Rose

Our magical flowers can last years and look and smell as if they were picked yesterday. True beauty is not tied to a trend, and we design our floral sculptures to make an impact for years to come.

Magical Elegance

Elegance beyond comparison, our flower sculptures blend the magical world and the real world. We push the boundaries of what flowers can be to create captivating designs for your space.


With an eye for every detail, each design is slowly and intentionally crafted by hand. No two sculptures are the same, each flower is picked and placed with care to create a free-standing piece of art that can be enjoyed from every angle.

Amoura Rose

A charming indulgence to give to those who light up your life. Indulge in the extraordinary with the Amoura Rose, a symphony of luxury and nature meticulously crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life. The Amoura Rose is more than a flower; it's an exquisite expression of admiration, presented as a singular, handcrafted masterpiece.


Our Flowers

The long lasting flowers in our sculptures are the best of what Central America has to offer, and are of exquisite quality that can only be obtained when attention to detail is at its finest.

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Our Story

It is amazing that nature has provided us with flowers that come in so many shapes, colors and forms. With a touch of creativity and imagination, the Kanizsa sculpture was born. 

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The Cosmic Collection

Timeless, ethereal, elegant. Our Cosmic Collection is inspired by the ever-expanding universe. Bring one of our free-standing sculptures into your space and experience infinite beauty.


Corporate Packages

Bring the beauty and magic of our Kanizsa sculptures into your space or event. Our packages are designed to create a lasting impression.

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“If we could see the miracle of a single flower, clearly our whole life would change.”


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